2016-2017 Sports Universal Physcial Procedures
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Sunday, April 12, 2015



Hawkins County Schools Universal Physical Procedure


1. All original paperwork (current physical, consent to treat, and concussion sheet) for all athletes turned in and kept in central location together (principals designee).

2. Prior to each season the head coach pulls the paperwork for his/her students and makes copies, placing the originals back in the central location (these copies are to be carried to the field for all practices and games, home and away).

3.  The head coach, athletic trainer, and principal/assistant principal sign off that all paperwork is in for that particular roster and that sign off sheet is kept in principal's office.

4. The high school Athletic trainer is responsible for reviewing all paperwork and keeping coaches informed of medical conditions, etc. The head coaches are responsible for staying informed about the medical status of their players.

   The middle school assistant principal and head coach are responsible for reviewing all paperwork and staying informed about the medical status of their players.

5. The trainer and head coach are required to contact parents regarding any injury a player sustains at practice or during games on the date the injury occurs. Contact should be documented (date, time, telephone number, and person’s name you spoke with).


Physical and Consent forms


Concussion Information for parents


 Sudden Cardiac Arrest forms



Hawkins County School Athletic Participation Packet


In order for students of Hawkins County Schools to participate on TSSAA/TMSAA sanctioned school athletic teams, they must have a current physical (Physical conducted after April 15, 2016), a signed consent to participate/treat form, and a signed Concussion Statement sheet on file at the school prior to being allowed to participate in any activity including conditioning and tryouts.

All the required forms are included in this packet and color coded for your convenience. All green sheets are for your information and can remain at home. The orange sheets are the required forms that must be returned to the school prior to your student being allowed to participate in any athletic activity.

Please do not hesitate to contact your school’s administration should you have questions regarding the requirements to participate.




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